Twisted Metal and God of War dev's new game coming to PlayStation

Haunted trailer screen 1

An obscure trailer for the developer's new game has been revealed, but we're not quite sure what it's about.

A new game from David Jaffe's new studio is coming to PlayStation, as revealed in a new teaser trailer.

Initially you'd think this was a horror game from the look of the teaser trailer below, but Jaffe put to rest any speculation that the game could be horror-related in a tweet yesterday:

The title of the trailer is called 'Haunted' and it's currently over on The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency's YouTube channel. The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency is the studio co-founded by Jaffe after he left the Twisted Metal dev Eat Sleep Play back in 2012.

The PlayStation Experience event will reveal more on 6th December.

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