Sunset Overdrive boosts OverCharge, adds new weapon pack, vote system

Sunset Overdrive Action Shocker 8

Until 2nd December players will receive 27.9 times the Overcharge in Chaos Squad.

We've got some Sunset Overdrive news for those of you still battling the mutants in Sunset City. There's a new voting feature that's been added into the game, as well as the new weapons pack being made available, and more.

The new voting feature is being introduced which allows players to vote on what outfits or changes are brought into the game. The first vote is between a new outfit from Buck National or Floyd. Once voting ends in a couple of weeks the winning outfit will be added to the game for players as a free preset. And the winning character will be 'prominently featured in the second story-based add-on' which is due for release in 2015.

The Propain Launcher has been given an increased chance to drop during Choas Squad mode from now until 04:59am on 2nd December too. And during this period you'll be able to earn 27.9 times more OverCharge whilst in that mode.

The game's already robust weapon selection can be given a boost with four new weapons in the new weapons pack. It's free for Season Pass holders, or costs £3.99 if bought on its own. We've listed the new aresenal for you below:

  • Plague Bomb – Instantly intoxicate enemies in the area with this weapon. Enemies hit with the Plague Bomb will start vomiting, take damage over time and explode when killed. Plus, enemies affected by the Plague Bomb can spread the disease to others!
  • Rager – Releases a confusion-inducing cloud which causes enemies to attack each other in a fit of rage. And yes, they also explode when killed.
  • Shield Buddy – Activates a shield that protects you and your friends but also deploys bombs that will decimate your foes. No need to choose between offence and defence when you can have both with the Shield Buddy.
  • Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher – The most literal of the weapons included in the pack, the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher does exactly that and locks on up to eight targets. Release the trigger and send a legion of homing rockets at your enemies.

And finally, the Sunset Overdrive soundtrack has been released on iTunes and other places you may frequent for your digital music.

Here's the latest Sunset TV episode explaining what's involved and how to vote.

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