Batman vs Darth Vader: Who wins?

Batman vs Darth Vader screen 1

A new Machinima video puts to rest any discussions about who will win in a fight between the Caped Crusader and the Sith Lord.

It's always fun to imagine our favourite superheroes, or villains, matched up in a duel with characters they wouldn't normally come across in their own universes. And that's what we can see here in the latest 'Super Power Beat Down' video from Machinima between Batman and Darth Vader.

But who do you back? I mean, Darth Vader is badass, right? He's got The Force on his side, plus years of training as a Jedi and then a Sith. Plus he wields a lightsaber!

But then you have Batman - who also has his own form of badassery. He is incredibly intelligent, has possibly the best martial arts skills in the DC universe, and commands a ton of gadgets and hardware.

Check out the video below, which sees Batman infiltrating the Death Star to rescue Superman. The winner was decided by fan votes.

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