10 Things that Apple is worth more than

Apple's market cap hit $700 billion yesterday so here are 10 things they are now worth more than.

Apple's market cap reached an all-time high when it hit the $700 billion mark yesterday, securing its position as the most valuable company on earth.

It has dropped down slightly since but that hasn't stopped people from speculating that the company's worth could continue skyrocketing, with some even suggesting one day it could top one trillion dollars!

Following this news we have compiled a list of 10 things that Apple is now worth more than.

333 B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers

The B-2 bomber is by far the most expensive aircraft the world has ever seen built. In 1997 the total cost of development, engineering and testing this plane was $2.1 billion. A total of 333 B-2s would have to be built and tested in order to make up one Apple.

18,157,294kg of pure gold

The current price of pure gold per kilogram is $38,510. At its current rate just over 18.15 million kg of gold would be required to match the value of Apple.


With a gross domestic product of $650.4 billion, Switzerland represent 1.05% of the world's economy. At the time of writing Apple is worth approximately $46 billion more than the whole of Switzerland.

Three and a half Samsungs

The Korean electronics manufacturer are one of Apple biggest rivals particularly in the smartphone and tablet world. That's about where their rivalry ends though because Samsung's overall value is minuscule in comparison to Apple. Samsung market cap is currently around $181 billion, which is 3.86-times smaller than Apple's.

The entire Russian stock market

The value of Russia's stock market was last valued at around $531 billion, meaning Apple could afford to buy it and then, according to Bloomberg, they would have enough money to buy everyone in Russia an iPhone 6 Plus.

2-times more than the worldwide illegal drug trade

The United Nations valued the world's illegal drug market to be worth approximately $320 billion in 2005, that is less than half of the worth of Apple.

331,000 Bugatti Veyrons

The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest and most desirable car on the planet and the Grand Sport Vitesse model is the most expensive of the Veyrons costing $2.25 million to own. This amount would never be produced but it would take 331,000 Vitesse models to equal one Apple.

466 Burj Khalifas

The Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest man-made structure standing at 2,722ft. It cost an estimated 1.5 billion dollars to build, which means 465 more would need to be built to match Apple's value.

8,414 of the Pink Star diamond

The Pink Star diamond became the world's most expensive diamond when it went to auction in 2013. It sold for $83,187,381 to an unnamed buyer. At this price, 8,414 of the super-rare stone would need to be discovered in order to equal Apple's value.

2,800 of The Card Players painting

The Card Players painting was created by French artist Paul Cezanne in the 1890s and was purchased by the Royal Family of Qatar in 2011 for around $250 million. At this value, Cezanne would have needed to paint 2,800 to meet Apple's worth.