WoW fan creates the Periodic Table of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Nethermancer

To celebrate 10 years of World of Warcraft fan sets out characters from throughout the game’s history as a table of elements.

How about this for a fan-fuelled labour of love? A periodic table of elements plotting out World of Warcraft’s leading characters and personalities from over the years in celebration of WoW’s 10th anniversary.

The Periodic Table of World of Warcraft is the creation of “veteran Word of Warcraft player (9+ years), designer and total geek” Stu McMillan. We’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure or you can get to it via this link. The table lays out characters from Horde and Alliances teams by race with their corresponding numbers,and whether they are deceased, alive or undead. Also included are some of the game's memorable Dragons and characters from other factions such as The Scourge. . 

Wow Periodic Table

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago we were first setting out in Azeroth,, wide-eyed at the pre-cached zones and the now signature Blizzard-style streamlining, character and level of detail in a MMORPG that made WoW such a hit. Although the game has had its lulls, World of Warcraft has remained the apparently unassailable champion of the genre for all these years. We salute you Blizzard, and have to say Overwatch is looking awesome, but that’s another story

Thanks also to Stu McMillan for sharing this with us  Reading through the table has brought back some fond memories.

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