One of The Legend of Zelda's most legendary swords in real life

Man At Arms Reforged Link's Fierce Deity Sword

Link's Fierce Deity Sword from Majora's Mask has been recreated in real life.

Man At Arms: Reforged is a YouTube show that sees famous weapons and armour from videogames and movies recreated in real life by the highly-skilled professionals at Baltimore Knife and Sword. In their latest video the team have tackled Link's Fierce Deity Sword from The Legend of Zelda: Major'a Mask.

The whole process of crafting the sword is shown in the video below. With a weapon that essentially twists two blades around eachother, the whole process is probably as complicated as you're imagining it right now. At the end of the video we're treated to the sword being tested out on all manner of objects such as pumpkins, zombie heads, and pots, of course!

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