Guardians of Peace hack Sony and demand ransom

Sony have been hacked by a group called Guardians of Peace.

A group of hackers have taken hold of Sony Pictures’ computer system and is demanding a ransom be paid otherwise they will release some of the company's most sensitive data.

Guardians of Peace, who are also known as #GOP, managed to bring down every Sony Pictures computer yesterday, replacing screens with a sinister message that reads: 

“We’ve already warned you, and this is just a beginning.

“We continue till our request be met… If you don’t obey us, we’ll release the data shown to the world.”

The message went on to claim that all of Sony's secrets would be freely available on the web unless their demands were met; the demands have yet to become public knowledge.

Sony were initially given a deadline of 24th November at 11pm, but that passed and documents were not released and at the moment it's unclear whether or not the Japanese tech giant gave into the demands or not.

The hack also contained a list of URLs that contained various internal documents and passwords that we presume were for some Twitter handles that Sony owns. Official feeds for Stomp The Yard, Starship Troopers and Soul Surfer were all hacked.

Despite this being quite a serious situation, Sony have massively played down the incident with a spokeswoman telling Variety: "We are investigating an IT matter."

This isn't the first time Sony has been targeted in a cyberattack. In 2011 they were the victim of the fourth biggest hack in history when hackers brought Sony's PlayStation network to its knees. The information of 77 million users was stolen and leaked and the gaming platform was down for weeks.