Full Jurassic World Trailer Revealed

Jurassic World Screenshot

Jurassic World receives its first full length trailer.

Following on from last weeks Jurassic World teaser trailer Universal Pictures have finally graced us with a full length version and, we have to say, it is truly amazing.

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Jurassic World is the next installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, following on from 2001's Jurassic Park III. The movie will be directed by Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) with Steven Spielberg taking the Executive Producer credit to oversee one of his most beloved franchise. Taking up position in the acting roles will be Chris Pratt (Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Lego Movie, Parks & Recreation), Bryce Dallas Howard (Terminator Salvation, Spiderman 3, The Help), Jake Johnson (New Girl, 21 Jump Street, Let's Be Cops) and Judy Greer (Californication, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Arrested Development). 

Jurassic World take us to Isla Nublar 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, where there is now a fully functioning Dinosaur theme park called Jurassic World. The park is now open to the public but everything is not what it seems, as the new trailer shows us. We see the park in all it's glory, which is just as astounding as when we first set eyes on the original Jurasic Park back in 1993. We see visitors being shown around the paddocks, waterways and a Sea World inspired water park. We also see the stars of the show, the dinosaurs. We see Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Gallimimus, Veloceraptors and what looks like a Kronosaurus eating a Great White Shark, impressive stuff.

As the new trailer now reveals it is not necassarily these dinosaurs that the visitors should be worrying about. Those nutty scientists have been at it again and this time they have created a new Hybrid species and who would have guessed it? It's escaped. We don't know what this genetic mutant dinosaur will look like but the claw marks and sound in the trailer suggest some kind of giant Veloceraptor, which is nice.

This trailer has given us a great taste of things to come and is actually so well done that it is full of the suspense that Jurassic Park has not seen since the original. 

We are really excited now, it's just a shame that we have to wait until 12th June 2015 to see it.

Remember, if something is chasing you, RUN!

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