Fiat 500 to replace Aston Martin in next James Bond movie

Daniel Craig As James Bond

Reports are emerging that James Bond's next choice of car could be a Fiat 500.

007 has had a number of iconic cars over the years, the Lotus Esprit from The Spy who Loved me and the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger are arguably the most iconic of the lot.

The secret agent's next car doesn't sound quite as special as these legendary cars though...

According to various reports, James Bond is swapping his beloved Aston Martin for a Fiat 500 in the next 007 movie.

Daniel Craig will feature for the fourth time as the secret agent in the movie which is still to be given a name.

Fittingly the Italian car will be driven by Bond in a high speed chase through the streets of Rome. The scenes involving the 500 are reportedly due to be shot in February and March of next year.

It doesn't sound as though it will be hanging around for very long though as apparently it meets its fate close to the Vatican where it gets crushed.

Italian news agency ANSA also revealed some more details about the action scenes from the new movie. Italy's capital city will play host to three key action scenes, including one where a car ends up crashing in the Tibur River.

Bond will apparently be parachuting onto the 500-year-old Ponte Sisto footbridge and scenes will also be shot at the Royal Palace of Caserta, in Campania, says the report.

The Sam Mendes movie is set to begin shooting in the next few weeks and should hit our cinema screens sometime late next year.