Can you find Far Cry 4’s "super secret alternate" ending’?

Far Cry 4 Pagan Min

Allegedly there is a second alternative ending to Far Cry 4 that has yet to be discovered.

Following its recent release Far Cry 4 players have already discovered an alternate ending for the game. According to creative director Alex Hutchinson however, there is another “super secret alternate ending” that is still waiting to be found.

Without spoiling it for those yet to find it, the first alternative ending is activated during the game’s prologue by listening to Pagan MIn. Hutchinson hints that the second alternative ending to Far Cry 4 is also locked away somewhere in the prologue, very close to the first ending.

To find the new super secret ending, Hutchinson has teased on Twitter that players will need to ‘make a snap decision’ leading to ‘a whole new mini-location. Check out the tweets below for more info.





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