Blackberry want you to trade your iPhone 6 for a Passport

Blackberry want to give you $550 (£350) and a Blackberry Passport for your brand new iPhone 6.

Blackberry's new trade-in programme sticks of desperation and failure!

Desperate times call for desperate measures and that phrase rings no truer than with Blackberry's latest initiative to try and entice more people into using they latest smartphone offering.

Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is just over two months old and for some reason they think people will willingly to trade theirs in for a Blackberry device that few people have even heard of.

The trade-in scheme has just launched in the US and Canada, and Blackberry will let you swap out your beloved new iPhone for a Blackberry Passport.

Along with receiving the Passport, Blackberry will also throw in some cash deepening on the size and condition of the 6 you're trading in. The maximum you can get is $400 (£255), with an extra $150 (£95) thrown in on top for good measure.

We would be surprised to hear of anyone even contemplating this. Apple iPhone users are generally very loyal to the Apple brand and this is helped by the fact that they have a very good ecosystem of products and OS'.

Also the Passport is hideous, and that's being generous. The iPhone 6 on the other hand is quite nice looking, so long as you pretend the ugly antenna lines on the back aren't there.

After its launch in September the Blackberry Passport received average to poor reviews as a result of its backwards design, wideness and lacking operating system.