Your next smartphone could charge up in 30 seconds

StoreDot claim to have developed a super-quick charging battery.

The biggest gripe with modern day smartphones is the less than impressive batteries that come installed inside them. 

They never last as long as you want them to and frequently die at just the wrong time. A Tel-Aviv company hasn't solved the battery length problem, but they do claim to have developed technology that completely minimises the time it will take to charge.

According to an ITV report, StoreDot have invented a battery that can hold a much higher level of charge at a substantially quicker rate. It's compared to a sponge in their report, meaning the battery can quickly soak up a lot of power and keep hold of it.

Their quick-charging technology works using "nanobots", which StoreDot say "are a form of bio-organic peptide molecules". It is these nanobots that enable the battery to absorb and keep of hold energy at super-fast speeds.

Doron Myersdorf, the founder and chief executive of StoreDot, claims: "These are new materials, they have never been developed before."

StoreDot's new invention isn't yet ready to be implemented into smartphone devices because it is too large to fit, however they are planning to launch slimmer smartphone-ready versions by 2016.

They are not just limiting themselves to smartphones either. StoreDot's technology can also be used in electric cars making them a much more viable alternative to fuel-powered vehicles.

The Israeli firm have high aspirations and are currently being backed by multi-billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.