VIDEO: Huge lorry jumps over speeding F1 car

Lotus F1 Team

Lotus and EMC teamed up to break the world record for longest ramp jump.

It's not often that you get to see a lorry with trailer attached jump over an actual Formula One car, whichever way you look at this video one thing that is for certain is that this is incredible!

There were no special effects in this video; it's an actual lorry flying over the top of some very brave soul driving a Lotus Formula One car.

EMC is Lotus' team sponsor and they claim to have set up the insane stunt in order to demonstrate how they "Redefine Motorsports" and to break a world record at the same time.

The Lotus F1 team measured the lorry jump at 83 feet and 7 inches and it is now Guinness World Record certified!

Hollywood stuntman, Mike Ryan, was behind the jump and behind the wheel of the lorry itself; he has also starred in a number of the Fast and Furious films.

The crazy guy behind the wheel of the Formula One car Martin Ivanov also has some Hollywood blockbusters to his name, including a number of the James Bond and Bourne action movies.