Samsung Galaxy S5 sales prove to be a huge disappointment

The Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn't sold anywhere near the number of unit that its predecessor did.

The Wall Street Journal has released a reporting revealing just how disappointing the sales figures have been for Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5.

WSJ's report claims that in the first three months after its release in April, Samsung only sold 12 million of the Galaxy S5 smartphone, which is four million fewer than the S4 sold in its first three months on the market.

This 12 million figure is also 40% fewer that than the 16.8 million that the Korean smartphone manufacturer anticipated selling.

China was the largest market where they suffered significantly with sales dropping over 50%; their sales did see marginal increases in the US though, which is Samsung's largest market for smartphone devices.

This news isn't a huge surprise considering how indifferently the S5 was received after its release. While it is a great and powerful smartphone, it didn't offer users enough incentive to upgrade over what they already had; its design was also criticised for becoming too stale.

Samsung have also recently announced that they will only release a third of the smartphones they usually do next year as a result of plummeting profits.

Poor profit figures have also led to rumours that the company's hierarchy could be in for a pretty big shake-up. Sources told the Journal that mobile chief co-CEO JK Shin could soon be ousted from his role in charge of Samsung's mobile division.