Online webcam hacker now wants a job!

The man responsible for the webcam hosting website, Insecam, is now looking for a job.

Last week we were outraged when a website was created that broadcast the live feeds from thousands of security cameras and baby monitors around the world.

This week we're not sure whether or not to be even more outraged by the fact that now the website owner is using the site to try and land a job as a programmer. used to host more than 10,000 live webcam feeds, but now it is the home to a single job advert that reads:

"Programmer is looking for a good remote job 

Skills: Linux, FreeBSD, C/C++, Python, MySQL

Contact: admin (at)"

It was expected that it would take sometime before the website would be shut down as it was hosted in Russia and there was nothing the watchdogs or police could do from the UK, where 500 privacy breaches were made. 

However it is now believed that the hacker was made to swiftly remove all evidence of the mass privacy breach after his identity was discovered over the course of the weekend. A German internet researcher claims to have made the discovery and added that the individual is of Moldovan descent.

We aren't sure whether the hacker will face any charges for his actions, but if he was based in the UK he would have broken two laws including the Data Protection Act.

If you think that there's no way this guy will get a job then you should consider this; the hacker claims he started the site to make people aware how essential it is to change login details for security devices. Also hackers have found themselves offered jobs in the past as a result of their online exploits.

Earlier this year George Hotz was hired by Google to work on "Project Zero", three years after being sued by Sony for hacking into the PlayStation 3's network.