Call of Duty publisher Activision aims strikes at YouTube videos

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer 3

Videos that show glitches or exploits for the publisher's games could be at risk of a Copyright strike.

Activision, the publisher behind the Call of Duty series, has been filing strikes on YouTube videos that feature exploits or glitches in its latest game - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

YouTube network Machinima issued an email to its partners warning them of what Activision are doing:

"Activision is being particularly vigilant about their Call of Duty videos lately; issuing strikes on videos showing glitches. If you post videos highlighting these glitches, your channel may be liable to receive a copyright strike so please be careful."

When a copyright strike is issued against a YouTube account it is put into a 'bad standing', meaning that account could lose certain features such as livestreaming or adding custom video thumbnails.

In a statement to Eurogamer, Activision said:

"We're excited that so many fans are having fun playing the game and posting videos of their gameplay. We love watching the videos ourselves. Occasionally, some folks post videos that promote cheating and unfair exploits. As always, we keep an eye out for these videos - our level of video claims hasn't changed.

"We are appreciative of the community's support in helping to ensure that everyone has the best playing experience possible."

Do you think using glitches or exploits is fair game? Should the videos showing these issues be left alone, and the developers should just fix the issues instead of filing copyright strikes? Let us know if you're affect by this.

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