A €55k virtual reality suite you can't afford, but it sure looks cool

Omnideck 6 screen 1

Combine the Oculus Rift with a 360⁰ treadmill, inside a tent that can alter temperature and other factors, and you've got some deep immersion.

It appears to be all systems go on the virtual reality front these days, with much buzz about the technology and how it can be improved upon or even integrated into mediums other than video games. However, this article will focus on said medium, as the Omnideck 6 is using the Oculus Rift in conjunction with it's own technology.

The Omnideck 6 is a motorised treadmill which allows users to walk, run, jump, and crawl as they would in real life, but that movement is translated into the game they're playing. Previously it used a 360⁰ projector for the user to see what was happening, but now they've successfully paired it with the Oculus.

Omnifinity, the company behind the Omnideck, say on their website that a backpack with a laptop mounted to it, all hooked up to the Oculus, could give a "completely untethered and unrestricted experience".

A replica rifle is used to give a further sense of immersion and realism.

Whilst inside the tent the Omnideck is housed in you could encounter varying levels of heat, humidity, smoke and smells to pull you into the experience even more. It sounds like a fledging version of Star Trek's holodeck - brilliant!

The Omnideck, in all its glory, will set you back around 55,000 Euros, so it's not for your average gamer. Take a look at the Omnideck Oculus intergration announcement below.

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