Refunds given for Halo: Master Chief Collection after matchmaking woes

Halo The Master Chief Collection Screen 2

Reportedly disgruntled players have been able to get their money back, although it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence

Some Halo: The Master Chief Collection players have allegedly been able to get refunds on Digital copies from Microsoft. According to a reddit thread, several users have stated they’ve been able to get their game licenses revoked in exchange for their money back.

These appeals to Microsoft come following the continuing problems with the online multiplayer where slow, buggy matchmaking has plagued players since launch. A patch has since been released to tackle the problems which doesn’t appear to have fixed things as players are still facing long wait times, getting uneven teams and are having issues with party features. Some are reporting they are still unable to get amy matches at all.

Without official comment on the ongoing problems with HTMCC, it’s a good idea to approach things with caution if you’re thinking about contacting Xbox Live support to get your money back. Reportedly support reps offering refunds have warned they’re a one-off, implying you won’t be able to get a digital purchase refunded on your account again.

The official line from Xbox is that “all purchases are final and non-refundable” however, so seeing Microsoft offering people their money back goes against their existing terms of service.

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