Ashen Rift Kickstarter and Greenlight Open

Ashen Rift

Ashen Rift returns with Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign

Pyroclastic Entertainment Inc have launched a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign for their game, Ashen Rift.

The game tells the tale of a man and his dog, who undertake a dangerous journey during the dying days of the Earth. For the last decade Earth has been at the mercy of a Portal, named The Rift, which has unleashed monstrous entities into the world. The entities have since been devouring the Earth's population and it is up to you, and your dog Bounder, to get to The Rift and save what's left of the world.

In the game you will have to travel huge distances in a crumbling world suffering from limited supplies and increasing hunger, no to mention the afore mentioned Monstrous Entities and Howling Mutants that may block your path. You will be able to collect resources to help you trick, trap, kill or avoid enemies. All this whilst you and Bounder try to stay quiet and out of sight.

Pyroclastic Entertainment Inc are aiming to raise $85,000 to get Ashen Rift released.

To contribute visit the below pages

Official Ashen Rift Kickstarter

Official Ashen Rift Steam Greenlight

You can also check out the impressive Trailer below.

Ashen Rift will be released on PC, Linux, Mac and PS4

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