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Rain Cover

Rain and World of Warriors are keeping us distracted this weekend.

There’s so many new games to be getting on with and while HITC gaming are feverishly burning through the new AAAs to give you our opinions, here are the games we’re getting into on the side.

Steve - Rain

I’ll be attempting to finish off Rain this weekend, it’s a game I’ve had sitting around for ages after getting it cheap in a sale but never got round to playing. I started it up during the week to get a break from the spate of recent violence I’ve been dishing out through playing a lot of Borderlands and first person mode on GTA V (which is just brutal at points).

Rain is a beautifully engaging game from Sony Japan that I see following in the tradition of Ico - the obvious parallel being the set-up - a young boy and girl on a journey of escape and realisation, plagued by mysterious monsters.

The game is built around a premise which on face value just shouldn’t work - you’re invisible - even you can’t see yourself on screen. But you’re caught in a dreamlike city where it constantly rains and stepping into the downpour causes you to take form. This also reveals your presence to the nasty monsters that have come with the inclement weather. Taking cover to hide, you set about working through puzzles, using distractions and sneakiness to move onto the next screen.

Stylistically the game is delivered like a playable children’s  book. The narrative is told through text that pops up all about the screen at differing angles, each passing of scene like the turning of a page. A melancholy score colours the game which. to me gives it the air of a Ghibli movie, and the constant pitter-patter of rainfall adds a calming undertone.

While the game’s skeletal rain beasts can provide menace and tension there’s a playful feel to the puzzles - heightened by the fact you’re playing as children - outwitting your pursuers, running through puddles, clambering around a silent city.

The experience is lovely; I’ve just got to the circus before the lit up house the children have discovered. I’m keen to see how the story plays out, although I do expect it to cop out with the ‘and then they woke up and it was all a dream’ ending, but it’s a charming dream to play.

Matt – World of Warriors

This weekend I will be away from my beloved console so will be making up for my loss of gaming with my mobile. The game in question will be Mind Candy’s latest release World of Warriors, an action, combat strategy game featuring historically accurate warriors from throughout history.

I’ve been playing the game for some time now and it is testament to its quality that I am still really enjoying it. The gameplay is gripping and innovative, utilizing a turn based battle system with clever puzzles allowing you to hit special moves. All of the characters are based on real tribes and armies from history which give this game considerable depth. Another joy of World of Warriors is its playability, whether you just want to pick up and play for a quick game or fancy a long session this game can cater to your needs.

I’m looking forward to testing my skills against King Boneshaker’s Skull Army Minions and hopefully unlocking some new characters to play with.


So that’s what we’re playing this weekend. As ever, we’re keen to hear about what your current faves are. Drop us a comment to let us know.

Looking ahead and soon will come the time to start reflecting on the best games this year.Such greats as Dark Souls II, Bayonetta 2 and Shadow of Mordor have made it into the running for the Game Awards 2014 game of the year. Which games would you give your GOTY award to?

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