Google testing ad-free internet browsing service

If you want rid of adverts on the websites you browse, Google may have the answer.

If you're sick of all those adverts cluttering webpages as you try to leisurely browse the internet, Google may have the answer for you. The company is currently testing out its new 'Contributor' service, which allows users to pay a monthly subscription fee between $1 to $3 for ad-free surfing.

Once you've paid your subscription any participating websites you visit will have their ads changed into a pixelated pattern.

There are a few different websites helping to test the service, which include Urban Dictionary, ScienceDaily, Imgur, WikiHow, and Mashable.

At the moment the service is only accessible via an invitation, but websites that are interested can sign up to a waiting list.

The Contributor service is said to be an "experiment in additional ways to fund the web".

It asks the question: "Today's internet is mostly funded by advertising. But what if there were a way to directly support the people who create the sites you visit each day?"

The money generated by Contributor is split between Google and the websites.

Users of the service log in via their Google account which will then switch to users seeing the ad-free variations of the websites.

There are a number of websites which currently use a subscription service to view their content, although they still contain advertising.

Readability, a similar service to Contributor, tried the same kind of ad-free idea, but closed down in 2012.

Thanks, BBC News.