VIDEO: Man makes awesome James Bond-style laser watch

James Bond Still

James Bond's famous laser watch becomes a reality with this video.

We will be honest, when first watching this video we thought this would be some find of watch with a laser pen built-in, but then we saw what could be done with this guy's laser and we were pretty amazed.

You can forget all the latest smartwatches that have hit the market and the Apple Watch that has caused mass hysteria without even being released.

Laser enthusiast, Patrick Priebe, has made something James Bond fans have been wanting for years and that is a fully functional laser watch.

Priebe's creation uses 1,500 milliwatts of power, which is enough to drain the watch's battery after just 5-10 minutes of laser fun.

Despite not being very practical, the laser watch can do some pretty awesome stuff. In his video Priebe demonstrates the laser's power by successfully bursting five balloons, lightening a number of matches, burning a whole in a CD case and cutting through some brown tape.

According to Shortlist, the laser watch took Priebe 40 hours to build and sadly at the moment it is only a one-off project.

He has his own online laser shop where he sells a number of the products that he has built himself and should he ever come to make more of the watch, he estimates it would have to charge around $300 (£190).