Think you know how to say 'I am Groot'? Think again!

I am Groot video screen 1

A new video from Marvel Entertainment teaches you how to say Guardians of the Galaxy's most famous line in 15 different languages.

For those of you that went to watch Marvel's new Guardians of the Galaxy movie this summer, you no doubt left the cinema muttering those three immortal words - 'I am Groot'! Well, now that you've almost mastered the phrase in English, why not try it in Japanese, or maybe even Polish?

Marvel have uploaded a video to their YouTube channel which hears Groot saying his famous line in 15 different languages, along with their spellings. Check it out below - my favourite's the Japanese version!

Guardian's of the Galaxy will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from 24th November in the UK, so if you missed it whilst it was at the cinema you definitely need to pick it up for Christmas, it's a great movie.

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