Surface Pro 3 makes Time Magazine's top 25 inventions of 2014

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 has definitely proved a hit with Time Magazine.

There is no doubting that Microsoft very latest tablet offering, the Surface Pro 3, is a great portable device. After the failings of its predecessor which ended up costing the tech giant in excess of a billion dollars, many were sceptical about whether or not the third iteration of the Surface would be a hit.

Fortunately for Microsoft it has proved much more successful than those devices that came before it, and because it has been so popular Time Magazine have featured it in their list of the best 25 inventions of 2014.

It's dubbed "The tablet that replaces laptops" in the report, and that is true to an extent.

The Surface Pro 3 offers quite a bit more than its tablet rivals out there. First and foremost it offers a bigger screen than you would find in most of the other market leading tablets. It measures 12-inches to be exact, which to be fair is beginning to push of boundaries of where devices categorised at tablets should go.

It also runs arguably the most advanced operating system that you can currently find on a tablet in Windows 8.1. Other tablets in its category run mobile operating systems, for example the iPad runs iOS and Nexus tablets run Android. While both of this simplified operating systems are still great, they don't really offer the functionality that Windows does.

The Surface comes with an adjustable kickstand and an optional add-on keyboard which also sports a built in trackpad, both of these features make it an excellent device to use as a laptop at a desk.

Microsoft's third generation tablet has been such a big hit that global corporation have adopted the device in droves, these include Austrian Airlines, Luftansa Airlines, Coca Cola and Banks.