Dyson invests $1.56B into 'future tech' and plan 100 new products

Dyson are planning to release 100 new products over the next four years.

Dyson, the luxury small-appliance company, is investing $1.56 billion (£1 billion) into 'future technology'. This news follows the brand investing $8 million in a robotics reseach lab at Imperial College London, and a further $420 million into an R&D build-out in the UK.

There's no word from Dyson as to what this 'future technology' investment is exactly, however they did say that over the next four years they will be releasing 100 new products across four new categories. Considering the range of products the company already has, and their investments in robotics, could these new ventures be more automated appliances?

Dyson also said work has started on the $420 million expansion of their HQ which is estimated to create an additional 3,000 new jobs around digital motors and noise-canceling technology, amongst others tech.

UK Universities have also been promised $78 million (£50 million) from the company over the next four years to help accomplish other research targets too.

Thanks, CNET.