Brand new Bloodborne details have been revealed

Bloodborne Gyula Hunter 1

Info on a new hunter and weapon has been revealed.

A brand new hunter and weapon have been announced for From Software's Bloodborne over on the PlayStation Blog, as well as a procedurally-generated area.

The new hunter is 'Gyula', he's "an old veteran hunter who is said to possess amazing skill." The blog says you may run into him in the old part of the city - Yharnam.

Yharnam is said to have "an expansive network of multi-leveled ruins" underneath it, which are a lot old than that part of the city itself, and was built by "something other than human hands." The ruins will be different to each hunter that enters them too, teasing that it's a procedurally-generated area. "We’re all very excited to talk more what that means at PlayStation Experience," which runs on 6th and 7th December.

The weapon revealed is called 'the transforming cane'. In its regular form it's a melee weapon for short range combat, however it also transforms into a bladed whip, and a heavy weapon too.

From Software also talked about a "eyeball-collecting old witch" that lives in the Hemwick graveyard. They say you might want to bring some other players with you when you're ready to tackle her head on.

Other details include Cainhurst castle, which appears to be abandoned and frozen over. It's where a noble family once lived, but they disappeared without a trace.

Bloodborne is due for release on PS4 on 27th March 2015. 

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