5 features we want to see in the iPhone 6S

It's a long way off yet but we have compiled five features that we want in the iPhone 6S.

Apple's latest flagship smartphones the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have just turned two months old and while they are both great devices there are always more improvements that we would like to see.

We have picked out five features that would make the next iPhone a truly awesome device.

A proper camera upgrade

The iPhone's camera hasn't seen that much of a significant upgrade since the 4S was released back in 2011 and we think it's due one. Don't get me wrong the cameras in the 6 and 6 Plus are great, but they could be better. The first thing they need to do is integrate optical image stabilisation (OIS) into both, why they made it a feature unique to their phablet smartphone is honestly pretty ridiculous.

A recent rumour publicised by Jon Gruber claims that the next iPhone will have a huge camera improvement, one that will close the gap between smartphones and DSLR cameras. That is the sort of upgrade we want to see, something that will once again set the bar in smartphone point and shoot cameras.

More RAM

The lack of RAM has been a gripe with the iPhone and iPad for many a year now. Apple did bump the RAM up in the recently released iPad Air 2, now giving it 2GB, which does give us hope for the next generation of iPhone. It's not as though Apple's mobile operating system iOS struggles because it doesn't, it's just that seeing tabs in Safari have to constantly reload is quite frustrating.

Apple's smartphone rivals have had more than 1GB of RAM for years now, heck even some have 3GB! It's about time that Apple caught up and delivered more than the paltry 1GB we get at the moment.

Better screen quality

Screen quality and resolution is another thing we haven't really seen improved upon for years, in fact the introduction of the iPhone 4 was the lack time we saw a significant jump in the screen. The 4 brought with it the Retina Display which has since found its way into the rest of Apple's products, but that was four years ago and we are now waiting for Apple to go a step further.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have 326ppi and 401ppi respectively, but that seems like nothing compared the the likes of the Galaxy S5 which has 432ppi and the Nexus 6 which has a phenomenal 493ppi.

Gorilla Glass 4 or sapphire

Before they were released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were strongly rumoured to feature sapphire glass displays, which would have make them unscratchable. We have since discovered that this plan failed due to problems with manufacturering the level of sapphire that was required. If Apple could get it right for the iPhone 6S or 7 they would truly be setting the mark for smartphone glass.

If this still isn't possible by the time manufacturing starts then Corning's Gorilla Glass 4 would be the next best thing. It was announced yesterday and is said to significantly stronger than any other glass available to the mass market. 

Wireless charging

This is a technology that some other smartphones do have, but it hasn't really caught on just yet and there are a lot of caveats involved in it. Some wireless chargers generate a lot of heat which is never a good thing, and others mean the phone has to be placed in a certain sweet spot to charge efficiently.

The way Apple plans the charge the Apple Watch could potentially be a nice feature for the next iPhone. The smartwatch, which is yet to be released, uses a small circular pad that magnetises to the rear of the watch to charge. It's is a worry though that magnetic induction charging may only be suitable for devices with smaller batteries, this could mean that such technology would take an age to charge a device as large as an iPhone.