World of Warcraft subscribers top 10 million with Warlords of Draenor

WoW Draenor cover 2

As predicted Blizzard’s latest expansion for WoW brings renewed interest in the world leading MMORPG.

Blizzard has announced a resurgence in World of Warcraft subscribers - bringing the player-base back over the 10 million mark - following the release of the game’s fifth major expansion, Warlords of Draenor.

According to Blizzard 3.3 million copies of Draenor sold within the first 24 hours of release, leading to growth in subscribers “across all major regions.”

Following a drop to 6.8 million subscribing players announced in August, Blizzard reported an upturn in Interest with 7.4 million said to be paying-up to play as of the end of September.

“We’re thrilled that so many players jumped in to play Warlords of Draenor on day one and are having a great time with the new content,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard. “We poured a lot of hard work and passion into this expansion, and we appreciate all the kind words from players and the overwhelming support they continue to show for World of Warcraft.”

Renewed interest in the game has flourished despite an unsteady launch for Warlords of Draenor. Many players reported being stuck in server queues for several hours, with the lucky ones to get into the game faced with disconnects and lag. In Quick response Blizzard has since increased the realm capacity and rolled out several updates to provide fixes.

By way of compensation WoW players were given 5 free days of subscription time.

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