This is why Apple should not bundle Beats Music with iOS

iPhone 6

Reports are suggesting that the next version of iOS could come with Beats Music preinstalled.

Yesterday a report emerged from The Financial Times that claimed Apple would be bundling Beats Music into their mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

It's understood that the world's most valuable company want Beats, which they recently bought for $3 billion, immediately available to hundreds of millions of users all around the world and these is obviously the best way that they can do that.

But from a consumer point of view this is just awful news. 

Not everyone will have any interest in using a music streaming service that will end up just costing them more money. Those who are into music streaming, well they will most likely already be invested into Spotify, which is the current market leader.

In this case Beats Music, or whatever name they end up rebranding it under will simply become bloatware taking up valuable space on people's Apple devices.

For the majority, a preinstalled music streaming application such as this will go in the same direction as all the other rarely used Apple applications, and that is in an "Unwanted" or "Never used" folder.

In recent versions of iOS Apple has introduced new applications to the OS that a significant number of its user base won't ever use, but these users can't do anything about it.

Newsstand, Contacts, Stocks, Passbook and Tips are just a few iOS apps that are barely used but can't be removed to free up space on Apple's smart devices.

At the very least Apple to integrate a delete function into some of these less important apps, or make them available through the App Store and people can download them if they so please.

Bundling bloatware is something Android has a bad reputation for, Apple definitely should follow the path of forcing users into having applications that they do not want or even need.