Gunpoint's creator mixes Hotline Miami and FTL in new game

Heat Signature trailer screen 1

The creator of Gunpoint is now creating a top-down space sim called Heat Signature.

Tom Francis, the creator of stealth puzzle-platformer Gunpoint, is working on a new game set in space - Heat Signature - and it looks great.

In Heat Signature you you fly about in space inside your small ship, picking up missions from a green box floats about. The missions will then task you with doing things like taking out a specific target on a ship, or stealing a package. So, you need to fly over to that ship, avoid being destroyed by its defenses, dock, and search the ship for your target.

Items you pick up on the ships are procedurally-generated, and you can hack into the ship's systems to mess about with it's blast doors and weapons, for instance.

The latest developer diary, from creator Tom Francis himself, goes through the latest additions to the game, and it gives you a glimpse at how it plays. It looks like across between Hotline Miami and space sim FTL, which is nothing short of awesome. Remember, this game is still in development, but it's looking like the basis for a really fun and involved experience.

For more info, screenshots, and videos head on over to the Heat Signature website, where you can also sign up for email updates.

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