Destiny reveals brand new exclusive Sparrow purchase deal

Destiny Trick Sparrow DLC 1

Purchasers of the Destiny Season Pass and first expansion will receive a new Sparrow.

If you're looking forward to the the first expansion pack for Destiny - The Dark Below, but are yet to buy it, there's a further incentive that's just been revealed - The EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow.

The EV-30 is a shiny new sparrow vehicle, which comes in blue with bright orange flames across it, and it allows players to perform all manner of motocross-style tricks. The description from the YouTube channel says that "the EV-30 Tumbler features advanced modifications that bypass standard safety systems, disabling the stabilization and gyroscopic-force dampeners designed to keep you grounded." Basically, you'll be able to jump much higher in the air on this contraption, whilst pulling off barrel rolls and no-handers.

In order to get this new Sparrow you'll need to buy either the Destiny Season Pass or The Dark Below expansion pack before 15th January 2015. If you've already bought the Season Pass you should have the new vehicle in your mail at the in-game Postmaster. Anyone who buys The Dark Below will receive their vehicle on 9th December when the expansion is released.

Take a look at the EV-30 in action below.

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