Charles Dance talks about Game of Thrones movie

Charles Dance Tywin Lannister Game of Thronoes

Tywin Lannister actor gives a brief update on rumoured Game of Thrones film.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance has confirmed that a Game of Thrones movie has been in discussion.

"There's talk of eventually trying to do a feature film but I don't know which of the storylines", Dance said. "There's so much to cram into the film".

Earlier this year George R R Martin talked about the possibility of a movie series based on the Tales Of Dunk And Egg, Martin’s prequel novellas to the Song of Ice and Fire. It appears from Dance’s statement that a potential film will tie into the main books themselves.

Martin has also mentioned however that a Game of Thrones movie might be required to tie up events at the end of the HBO series, should this be the case there’ll be some time yet before GoT jumps onto the big screen, since the channel has committed to continue GoT as least as far as seven seasons.

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