WatchKit release reveals specs and more detail on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Hero Tumble

We got a little bit more information on the Apple Watch yesterday.

Yesterday Apple released WatchKit which is a tool that will help developers build great applications for the highly-anticipated Apple Watch.

In releasing this new piece of software they also gave us some more minor information about the smartwatch including its specifications and details of how we will use it.

Finally we know its screen resolution! There will be two different sizes, presumably to accommodate larger and smaller wrists. 

The smaller 38mm Apple Watch will have a 272 x 340 pixel display and the marginally larger 42mm iteration will feature a screen resolution of 312 x 390 pixels.

Two other features were revealed in the WatchKit release and they are called 'Short look' and 'Long look'.

They involve lifting your wrist up to look at your Apple Watch; if you lift it and look at it for only a short amount of time you will get quick notifications.

Looking at the watch for an extended period of time will give you more information about whatever app you're looking at.

WatchKit also says that for now, applications for the Apple Watch will mainly be an extension of what you already have installed on your iPhone.

Apple only expect you to spend seconds looking at the device rather than the minutes and hours you can waste away staring at the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Unfortunately there is still no concrete information telling us when we can get our hands on an Apple Watch, the very vague 'early next year' is currently the only release date we've been given so far.