Wander peacefully graces PS4 in March 2015


Check out the non-combat MMO coming to Sony’s latest next year.

Wander, an intriguing non-combat MMO focusing on collaboration, discovery and atmosphere has been announced for PS4.

The creation of Melbourne-based Loki Davison, Wander came about when Davison, “noticed a shocking absence of games that didn’t primarily focus on violence in order to tell a story, and decided there was a niche that desperately needed to be filled.”

Completely devoid of direct battling you play Wander as a number of different creature forms, exploring and interacting with others. You can play as a walking sentient ‘treant’ type character (that you take control of at the beginning of the game), a flying griffin, an aquatic azertash or a creature known as a hira.

Each form you can play has different variants each with their own cultures and different ways of interacting with other forms.

According to the game’s description, “You start off deep in a forest you can’t remember, occupying a form you don’t recognize. Clues can be found by examining your surroundings, and you may even encounter others like yourself who can help you and share information.”

As you explore and interact with others you can also uncover lorestones that reveal histories and secrets about the world you inhabit.

Sound interesting? Check out the trailer below to learn more. 


Wander, which is also in development for PC is to arrive in March next year and will be playable at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event next month.

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