Banshee Chapter becomes first full-length film made for Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Banshee Chapter is a horror move that has been built for the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset.

Oculus Rift is viewed by many as primarily a gaming device, but a group of film makers think differently after creating Banshee Chapter, the first full-length feature film specifically created for the OR headset.

The horror/thriller movie is actually based on true events and follows a reporter searching for a missing friend who was involved in some kind of shady government experiments.

Blaire Erickson, the director of Banshee Chapter, spoke to American daily newspaper The Wall Street Journal about how his team integrated Oculus Rift in the movie.

He said that viewers who watch the film through Oculus Rift will be able to look around the and explore their environment to some extent, which will make them feel full immersed inside the movie.

“By putting the film in a virtual reality, it actually crosses this threshold where you really begin to feel like you’re in the scene in a way that’s never happened before.

Ericsson also added that despite the film and technology used to make it are "early" and "rough",  he feels it could take entertainment to the next level.

“It’s still early, it’s still rough, in its early stage, but you can already see the power and the potential, and how this medium is going to be something that truly redefines entertainment and truly redefines what an experience is to the audience.”

If you're fortunate enough to own an OR headset then you can download the low resolution movie for free right now at Oculus Share. Currently the virtual reality headset is not available to the public, but the Facebook-owned company have said they are hoping it will be sometime next year.