Destiny can now be played for free on all platforms

Destiny Cosmodrome Screen

Activision announce a free trial and limited demo for the online FPS are now available on both last and current gen consoles.

If you’ve been thinking about getting Destiny and missed the beta Activision are now giving players a  chance to try out the game for free.

“Starting today, November 18, anyone can try out Destiny for free as part of a limited-time demo or trial for their current or last-gen console.” say Activision. “As part of the promotion, players can create and evolve a Guardian of their own and participate in story missions, as well as co-operative and social activities.”

Owners of PS4s and Xbox Ones can now download a 20GB Destiny trial which comes with the ability to upgrade to the full game they decide to continue. PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers now get a free 6GB demo that runs independently from the full game.

Players who get stuck into Destiny on either 7th or 8th gen platforms will be able to transfer their Guardians across to the full game allowing users to carry on from where they left off in the trial version.

Full details about the Destiny demos are available via this link.

This week Bungie released the Iron Banner 2.0 event within Destiny that allows for players to earn level 30 armour items.

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