Minecraft takes a more realistic turn in this short video

Realistic Minecraft video screen 1

One Minecraft fan shows us what Minecraft could be like if it had a more realistic look.

If you're one of the millions of Minecraft players out there, you may have wondered to yourself what the game would be like without it's pixelated, blocky look. You haven't? Oh, right... OK. Well, some has imagine it at least, which makes us pretty happy, otherwise this new realistic style Minecraft video would never have been made.

This impressive creation is the work of Flashcode, and you can check out their YouTube Channel over here. Whilst it's not super realism being used here, it's certainly a lot closer than the game's standard look. The video uses familiar sounds straight from Minecraft, and sees Steve leaving his house to fight a skeleton that's unscrupulously smashed one of his windows. The cheek!

Flashcode has made more Minecraft videos in a realistic style over on their Youtube Channel, including a timelapse showing a large house being built, and the crafting of a pickaxe. Watch them below.

Building a Spacious Dwelling

Crafting a Pickaxe

Thanks, Kotaku.

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