End-to-end encryption coming to WhatsApp on Android

iOS7 Homescreen - WhatsApp

WhatsApp has announced end-to-end encryption for its Android application.

WhatsApp is about to become the tech industry's largest most secure messaging service after they announced that their Android user base is getting end-to-end encryption.

Implementing end-to-end encryption will make the messaging application more secure than both Facebook Messenger and Google's Gchat service, which both can be decrypted if forced by the law.

There are already messaging apps available that have this protocol already integrated in their service, these include Apple's iMessage, Telegram, Cryptocat and Silent Text. 

However the fact that WhatsApp are rolling this out to a huge chuck of their 600 million strong user is what makes this a big deal.

As previously stated the app will become the most secure and most widely used messaging service available to download on any platform. Even WhatApp themselves will not capable of decrypting its user's messages.

According to The Verge, Open Whisper Systems will be providing WhatApp's encryption service via open source messaging app Text Sure.

CTO of Open Whisper Moxie Marlinspike told the popular tech website that they began working on WhatApp earlier this year just after the company were bought out by Facebook for $16 billion (£10.23bn).

There is currently no word as to when, or if the encryption will come to the app for iOS. WhatsApp have developed a reputation for being very slow when it comes to bringing updates out for their app on the iOS App Store.

They finally released their update to optimise WhatsApp for the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus screen today, two whole months after the duo were released.