Uber and Spotify join forces to carry on the party in transit

Uber Spoitfy app

The taxi ordering app and music app combine to allow users to control what their taxi plays out of its speakers.

Uber and Spotify have teamed up to make sure that when you book a taxi with the app you can carry on listening to your Spotify tracks when it arrives.

Reports of the new partnership service emerged last week, but now it's been officially confirmed.

It works like this: you'll link your Uber and Spotify accounts together inside the Uber app, and once you order a car to pick you up you can choose whatever music you feel like listening to. Once the car arrives your chosen playlist will already be pumping out of the speakers inside your ride, and you'll be able to continue controlling what's playing via the app for the duration of your journey.

The service is due to launch this Friday 21st November, but will initially be rolled out in 10 cities first: London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto. Further cities will receive the service 'in the coming weeks'.

Take a look at the trailer for the new service below.

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