Nokia is up to something but what could it be?


Nokia have a big announcement to make but we have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is.

Over the past three days Nokia have been posting some quite cryptic tweets on their official Twitter page about what is coming next from them.

Now owned by Microsoft, many expected Nokia to just dwindle away and become a thing of the past, but by the looks of their latest tweet there stills seems to be live in the old tech company yet.


They have some big news for us coming tomorrow, but nobody (outside Nokia of course) knows for certain what they have install for us.

The picture that accompanies the teasing tweet shows a very simple black box with the Nokia brand name stamped on the top. One thing we can rule out straightaway is a smartphone; as part of their merge into Microsoft, Nokia are not allowed to put their brand name onto a mobile phone until 2016 at the very earliest.

One thing that is still extremely valuable to Nokia though is its brand name. According to Engadget, Nokia's brand is the 98th most valuable in the world worth $3.2 billion, and they want to start licensing out the Nokia name to third-party companies. So it could actually be another company developing a new piece of hardware and simply stamping it with Nokia to give it some traction on the market.

It's not surprising that as soon as the tweet went live people went crazy with their responses of what the black box could be. A suggestion that seemed the most sensible and plausible was that it might be a Nokia set-top box running Android TV. On first look it looks very similar to a lot of the TV boxes out there at the moment, particularly the Apple TV, so this could potentially be the way that Nokia relaunches itself into the hardware market. 

The announcement tomorrow will likely coincide with Finland's Slush Conference, which is a two-day event where tech startup companies come to showcase their ideas.

We'll be sure to bring you the news about Nokia's announcement as soon as it's made tomorrow.