iPad mistaken for explosive device in Westminster building

Apple iPad Air

A whole building was evacuated over a suspicious looking iPad.

So you're an apprentice and it's your first day in a parliamentary environment, what should you do to make an instant impression? 

Simply take in an iPad and the whole place will shut down because they think it's a bomb.

That's exactly what happened in a Westminster building today anyway. A Metro report claims that all staff had to be evacuated and streets cordoned because the Apple tablet looked suspicious.

The apprentice was working for MP of Grantham and Stamford, Nick Boles, who tweeted this out following the incident:


The Portcullis House building is home to 213 members of parliament and their accompanying staff, so we can only imagine the sort of chaos this minor incident caused.

Unsurprisingly the accused iPad turned out to be perfectly secure and safe, but police had to investigate it first before they could deem it so. 

According to the Metro's report, Boles isn't providing anymore details about the slightly embarrassing debacle, but it's claimed a number of high-profile officials were kept from their meetings.

The UK increased their security control on electronic devices during the summer. People planning on travelling abroad via airplane must now prove that devices using a battery are charged before they are allowed through check-in procedures.

This measure came into force after a number of worrying reports suggested terrorists were developing ways of concealing explosive devices into the shells of everyday electronics.