Driver faces $14,836 parking fees for abandoned Merc

A driver has racked up at least £9,490 ($14,836) in parking fees after abandoning their luxury Mercedes Benz in a U.K. parking lot for two years.

The black car has been left in Broadway Plaza car park in the city of Birmingham for at least two years - possibly more - a spokesperson for APCOA, the company that runs the facility, told CNBC.

There are no explanations as to why the car has been abandoned. The vehicle was also unlocked and contained a book with the driver's details. APCOA attempted to contact the owner but to no avail, deepening the mystery.

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Anyone hoping to make a quick getaway with the abandoned Merc will be disappointed - its back axle is broken. But APCOA said it was now looking at removing the Merc.

"The car in question has been in situ for a couple of years. The reason why the vehicle is effectively cordoned-off is because one of the back wheels/axles is loose, and the car is propped up on one side for reasons of safety," an APCOA spokesperson said by email.

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"The police recommended APCOA write to Birmingham City Council to request the removal of the abandoned vehicle. Approximately four months ago, APCOA requested the removal of the vehicle, but to this day nothing has been forthcoming. We will follow-up the abandoned vehicle request in the coming days."

'Dead body in trunk?'

Tariffs at the parking lot are £13 per day and the owner could face further charges if the car is towed.

West Midlands Police said the car was not stolen or involved in crime.

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But this has not stopped theories about the car running wild.

"Every time I've driven by I've always thought it would have been on the verge of being towed away. But. no, it's still there. Whose is it? What is it doing there? Why hasn't it been moved? Is there a dead body in the trunk? Is it haunted?," a motorist told The Mercury newspaper.

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