Super Smash Bros is the only game you need on your calculator

Super Smash Bros TI-83

Somebody has ported Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. onto a calculator, and it's really impressive.

We've seen Doom played on a printer, the side of a truck, and even on an ATM, and we thought that was pretty impressive. But now someone's gone and ported Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. onto a calculator... what!?

That's right, programmer Hayleia from the Omnimaga forums has taken the Nintendo brawler and ported into a Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculator, calling it Super Smash Bros. Open. The code for the game is open too, so anyone can tinker with it if they like.

The game even has a zoom effect like the real Smash Bros. games, and it currently allows you to play as either Fox or Falco.

Super Smash Bros. Open

So, if you're sat in a Maths lesson you've got the perfect cover for a quick game of Smash Bros, instead of working out those blasted equations.

The fully fledged version of the new Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Wii U is set to arrive later this month on 21st November in the US, and 28th November in Europe.

Thanks, Tiny Cartridge.

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