Facebook targeting workplace chat with new 'Facebook at Work' site

Reports suggest that Facebook is looking to enter the workplace with a new work related networking site.

Most office workplaces will discourage spending time on the internet, especially social sites like Facebook. They'll either track your usage to make sure you're not going on there to 'like' all those cat videos you love, or they'll outright block it altogether. However, the Financial Times reports that the social networking behemoth is developing "Facebook at Work," a more work-focussed approach to its standard outlook.

Facebook at Work is said to look like a normal Facebook page, but it'll focus more on everything work related like corresponding with colleagues, business partners, and even working together on documents. Kind of like an all-in-one Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Drive.

There's no comment from Facebook on the legitimacy of the new work-focussed site at the moment, but further reports suggest actual Facebook employees have been testing it out, along with some other select companies.

Thanks, Engadget.

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