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Here are the games the HITC writers will be playing this weekend.

 There's so many games hitting the market at the moment and we're working double time to get some finished so we can share our experiences with you. In the meantime however Adam and I will be finding time to play these games this weekend. 

Adam – Kingdom Rush

I want to talk mobile games with you, namely Kingdom Rush. People won’t often hear of me talking favourably about mobile games, probably because I’ve been tainted by all the freemium games I’ve gone through, trying to find one that’s actually fun. Anyway, Kingdom Rush is my saving grace from those awful freemium games – yes, I paid money for it, probably only about £1.50 or something, initially, but it’s been worth every penny.

Kingdom Rush is a medieval fantasy tower defense game. You simply plop down towers along a set path to try and stop waves of the enemy forces from advancing and reaching the edge of the level. Simple. No, no it’s not simple! It starts off fairly slowly, giving you easy enemies to face, but as you progress you’ll meet many varied enemy types. Some will be simple grunt types which are there to soak up your attacks, whilst other more nimble enemies will rush past your defense to try and reach the other side of the level, causing you to lose lives if they actually make it through.

You’re not completely helpless, thankfully. The towers you can place vary from archer towers which can attack quickly and with increased damage as you level them up, to barracks which spawn soldiers that’ll hold up the enemy forces whilst you rain down pointy arrow death from above. Other towers include a mage tower, and an artillery tower. Each of the game’s towers are upgradeable with the gold you collect from killing enemies and defeating waves. Once you upgrade towers the choices of upgrades can branch out to give you more variation on how to better your defense and attack.

Did I mention there’s hero units too? You can choose a hero to aid you in each mission, and they’ll level up as you use them. They’re really handy as you can tell them to go anywhere on the map and defend that area, as your towers are stuck in one place and have a limited area of effect. Heroes range from tanky knights, to a swift archer with a wildcat companion. There are many other heroes, but you need to pay extra cash for those, which I’m not too bothered about doing.

Now and again I have that rare bout of completionist wash over me, and I’ll tackle a game I’m really into to try and finish every quest, collect every secret, and explore every corner of the game – Kingdom Rush brings that out of me in waves. I’ll intend to play for 10 minutes, but then hours will pass as I try and re-play each mission to get the best rating and finish the extra challenges. That’s probably going to happen a lot this weekend. I do have quite a bit of work to do, but I’m prepared for my 10 minute Kingdom Rush breaks turning into an hour-long tower defense affair.

I don’t often buy games more than once just to play the same thing on a different system, but I did with this game. I initially bought it for my iPhone, and then bought the sequel too, and once my girlfriend got an iPad we bought the version for that as well. Oh yeah, and I bought it on Steam… Basically, I can practically play Kingdom Rush wherever I am. I love it!


Steve - GoldenEye 007

It was with no small amount of glee that I picked up an N64 this week. I always look back and regret getting rid of my N64 years ago and by chance a family member had one (which they kept quiet about) and I’ve just bought it with a bundle of N64 classics to relive those halcyon days from my gaming past.

Top priority of course goes to GoldenEye, a milestone FPS that us HITC writers make no moves to hide our love for, and indeed a game you’ll find in not only the greatest N64 games list, but also in some of the all time FPS greats and the rather exhaustive list of movie tie-in games that are worthy of your time.

I’d love to be waxing lyrical about the split screen multiplayer goodness, but sadly only have two controllers (for now) and no one around to give a one on one match a go. I’ve been playing the single player though and despite a rusty start the old ‘Bond skills’ are flooding back.

I love how GoldenEye - in the days before you had trophies/achievements - managed to give you replayability with its increasingly busy and harder challenges. Starting from scratch again, I’m finding that realising my full 007 potential is pretty tough, tougher than I remember - could it be that games that can be as easy as you want them to are spoiling our gaming skills? Maybe, but then we always have Dark Souls and the like to remedy this.

Another thing that’s struck me replaying GoldenEye is how much of a difference the stealth approach made (something that’s fairly standard fare these days). Having cut my FPS teeth on Wolfenstein, Quake and the like, the ability to keep it stealthy (like a proper good secret agent should) was my first experience of how stealth sections can add a change of pace to the action, in contrast to running around on turbo blowing everything up.

The experience reminds me in a way of playing the first Batman Arkham game, which I hold to this day makes you stake the claim that you are in fact Batman when you play it (you never realise just how many vents Batman has to crawl through to be a vigilante bad man). I feel I can say to a lesser degree that I’m James Bond with GoldenEye, albeit the rather stiff Pierce Brosnan one with a weird flat polygon ‘cardboard cut-out’ head.


So, that's some of the gaming fun we'll be having this weekend. Drop a comment to let us know what you're getting into - be it new, old, big, small or the most obscure JRPG that hipsters will pretend they've played.

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