Unique functions for PS4 GTA V owners

Ps4 Dualshock4

Grand Theft Auto 4 will have some added functionality with the PlayStation 4's Dualshock 4 controller

Here's something for those of you that are looking to buy GTA V on PS4 when it's released next week. Over on the PlayStation Blog they've given some details on how the game will bring some unique features to the console's Dualshock 4 controller.

First up there's the touch pad - you'll be able to switch between the regular third person and the new first person modes with a swipe or tap of your finger on the touch pad. Users will also be able to switch radio stations, weapons, camera angles, and throw grenades using the touch technology.

Next up there's the built-in speaker on the front of the Dualshock 4. This will act as your phone, allowing you to receive phone calls from friends as well as the game's protagonists - Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. You can even hear police radio chatter through it too.

And finally you've got the controller's light bar. Whenever you switch between characters the bar will change colour based on which character you choose. Red and blue flashes will also appear whenever the cops are on your tail too.

If you don't own a PS4 some of these features may seem a little silly to you, but whilst I imagine they're not integral to the overall experience, I'm sure they'll add a little something to it. My first experience of the Dualshock 4's speaker was with The Last of Us, it plays a click as you turn your flashlight on or off, and the game's audio logs are played through it too. It's a nice little touch.

GTA V launches on PS4 and Xbox One next week on 18th November, and will arrive on PC on 27th January 2015.

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