Reddit chief executive announces decision to quit company

Yishan Wong has quit his role as the chief executive of Reddit.

According to Sky News, Reddit boss Yishan Wong has decided to part company with the world renowned website.

Reddit investor Sam Altham claimed in a blog post that the former CEO's decision to resign from the company came as a result of a recent despite over the cost and location of a new office facility.

Altham also noted that none of Reddit's investor's pressured or forced Wong into making his announcement and that it was solely his decision alone.

The reasoning initially seems very odd, and to begin with communities around the web were asking why he would resign over a disagreement that seems so petty?

Wong has since issued his own statement about his resignation, saying that Altham's claims are true but that there were also deeper, more significant issues.

He posted the following on a question and answer website Quora: "After two and a half years, I'm basically completely worn out, and it was having significantly detrimental effects on my personal life.

"If anything, I probably pushed myself way too far."

Wong ends two and half years at the helm of Reddit. His previous jobs have seen him work for industry giants Facebook and PayPal, as well as occasionally working as a contributing editor for Forbes Magazine.

If you don't know exactly what Reddit is then you have been missing out on quite a lot. Essentially it is a community based website where its user share content, which then gets ranked based on the number of up or down votes it receives.

Reddit is in the top 50 most popular websites in existence and has approximately 114.5 million active monthly viewers that make the site worth in excess of $500m (£318m).