Modern day Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back trailer

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Screen 1

A modern day take on a sci-fi classic with a suitablly spoiler-heavy trailer.

A few news outlets have been reporting about this fan-made trailer that has a modern take on Star Wars The Empire Strikes back. Whilst many have stated it's from Mark Hamill's Facebook page, it's in fact a fan page for Mark Hamill that shared the trailer. The actor doesn't have a Facebook page himself, but that's beside the point - this trailer is awesome.

Anyway, let's get to the trailer itself. The fan page says It was created by Cameron Arrigioni, and it's been done in a style you'll probably be able to attribute to many trailers we see today. It mashes together many scenes from the movie, and delivers a dark and epic tone brilliantly. Check it out below.


The sad part about this trailer is that it pretty accurately represents the kind of trailer we have for movies, TV shows, and video games these days - packed full of potential spoilers, with practically no teases or hints, just blatant exposure of plots. Luckily The Empire Strikes Back came out over 30 years ago, and I've seen it countless times (I trust and hope you have to?), so nothing was spoiled for me watching this.

Thanks, Newsarama.

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