MMO's don't look much better than Lost Ark

Lost Ark Logo 1

There's a new Korean MMORPG in town running on Unreal Engine 3, and it looks great.

Lost Ark Online was revealed today - it's a game from Korean developers Smile Gate that was previously only known as 'Project T'.

Lostark is described as a hack and slash MMORPG with 'extreme action' that allows you to 'knock numerous enemies down with a single blow'. It's being developed in Unreal Engine 3

The game uses an isometric top-down view, and will have a total of 18 playable characters (some being gender-locked). There will be various mounts and combat abilities, and the first closed beta is due to arrive in 2015 in Korea.

Check out the rather lengthy, but rather beautiful, 8 minute debut trailer for the game below. Thanks,

Credit to my friend, Kym, who pointed me in the direction of this gorgeous-looking game. Thanks, man.

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