Working in the office - and driven to distraction

The office, of course, is a place where you're expected to get work done. And you do, but the deck oftenseems stacked against you.

CNN Money reports that other projects, emails, brainstorming meetings and frequent interruptions kept getting in the way.

You have to juggle competing assignments, meetings, conference calls, emails and instant messages -- often within the same hour.

Add to that the pleasures and perils of working in an "open-plan" office, which is supposed to create never ending opportunities to collaborate with your co-workers. Of course, it also creates endless opportunities to see and hear much more of them than is useful to either of you.

Headphones can block out some of the distractions and signal to others that you're busy, but they won't buy you elbow room.

To access the complete CNN Money article hit the link below:

Can't get any work done? Blame your noisy, crowded office

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